5 Examples of most successful b2b platforms

5 Examples of most successful b2b platforms

Due to technological advancement, the way business is done has changed completely. This means that the customers are not buying the same way they used to purchase and businesses and companies are not likewise buying the way they used to buy. Indeed, technology has changed the way buying and selling is conducted. For B2B businesses, specific e-commerce platforms have been successful in the marketplace. This article therefore highlights and explains 5 such successful platforms.


Alibaba is a Chinese group of companies dedicated to e-commerce and on the internet and mainly deals with business-to-business, consumer sales and retail portals. It offers services like online payment, cloud data storage and a price comparison search engine. It is one of the fastest growing e-commerce company which in 2013 delivered sales worth170, 000 million dollars. Compared to its competitors, eBay and Amazon, the companies are far more ahead regarding profitability and business growth. The Alibaba Group of companies are listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and one of the oldest growing B2B platform serving more than 35 million clients worldwide.


The platform is home to suppliers from Hong Kong, China and Asia. It helps you identify suppliers by using referrals from vendors.


GlobalSpec is a B2B platform based in the USA and deals with industrial parts and specifications. It works well for the North American and Asian B2B market.


It is one of the fastest growing B2B Chinese platform founded in the year 1996. It offers web-based solutions to small and medium enterprises to promote Chinese trade worldwide.


This is an extensive and robust b2b marketplace that connects suppliers and buyers. It is mainly focused on different Asian countries including Pakistan, China, India, Bangladesh and Taiwan. There is a wide range of products distributed in various categories including factories, manufacturers and wholesalers seeking to buy and export their products.


This is a platform where there are 120, 000 suppliers with high-quality products and they are based in China, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. It is the place for traders looking for trusted suppliers.


Though there are many other top b2b platforms, the above entails brands that have been prominent in B2B business and provide an excellent opportunity for your business growth and exposure. You can keep on researching till you find what you want. Or use 2b e-commerce platform comparison to know which one is the best.

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