5 Ultimate steps for starting a B2B business

5 Ultimate steps for starting a B2B business

B2B e-commerce business is estimated to be worth $12 trillion by 2020. Considering how your products will be flowing through your supply chain and sales efforts needed will some of the essential considerations. There are specific well-tested steps followed when starting your B2B business. This article will explain 4 of such steps.

Research the Market

Research is crucial for you to know your target audience and market when looking forward to massive success in top b2b platforms. Since this is an already crowded market, you need to understand what makes you stand out. It is not easy to get a competitive advantage that will make customers prefer you, but it possible with research. If you are already at the top in your industry, know what it takes to maintain the image as you can lose the edge to other competitors.

Segment Your Customer Base

It is essential to separate your customers into two categories: top- tail and long-tail Top tail are your largest customer group while long tail is customers outside of your initial target market.

Identify High-Potential Markets to Experiment With

You can group your long tail customers by the market; for example, healthcare, marketing and legal. It is essential to prioritize the groups according to the value they add to your business. Measure the value in many ways. For instance, the revenue they generate for your company monthly, quarterly and annually.

The group that provides you with the most significant value are you’re your high potential markets, and you are likely to generate increased income if you invest in them. It is important not to focus on the current reality but future customers as you expand your markets

Run Experiments and Find Winners

Once you have identified your potential customers, perform validation tests to ensure there is a constant demand for your products. Your time and resources are so precious and need to be invested in markets with highest ROI.

Market Investment

After you have identified new markets in top b2b platforms start investing in them. Remember you are in that market to provide solutions to customers’ problems and focus on this aspect regardless of the social or political situation.


The above steps will aid any entrepreneur who wants to venture into B2B business. It is crucial that individual business situation is different but generally the above information is vital for any B2B enterprise.

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