Top B2b Platforms That Can Help Your Business Grow

Top B2b Platforms That Can Help Your Business Grow

The evolution of technology has changed how businesses are done worldwide. The customers are not buying the same way they used to buy while the businesses themselves have changed the way they sell to their customers. For your business to grow fast through b2b platforms, it is essential to learn about companies and businesses that offer these platforms. This article, therefore, describes some of fastest growing b2b companies that will assist your business to grow.


Alibaba is a Chinese group of companies dedicated to e-commerce and on the internet and mainly deals with business-to-business, consumer sales and retail portals. It offers services like online payment, cloud data storage and a price comparison search engine. It is one of the fastest growing e-commerce company which in 2013 delivered sales worth170, 000 million dollars. Compared to its competitors, eBay and Amazon, the companies is far more ahead in terms of profitability and business growth. The Alibaba Group of companies are listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange and one of the oldest growing B2B platform serving more than 35 million clients worldwide.


It is a platform that allows importers from all over the world to buy a small number of Chinese goods at wholesale price. It markets more than 30 million products in roughly 227 countries. The site is one of the most visited on the internet.

Global Sources

Global Sources is a B2B platform that allows Chinese suppliers to trade through their portal. The portal facilitates international trade by bringing manufacturers and suppliers closer to each other.

eWorld Trade

It is a fastest growing B2B platform that allows traders and suppliers to connect with each other. It is based in Dallas Texas and operates mainly from Karachi Pakistan.

EC Plaza

This b2b platform example from Korea and works in four languages: Korea, English, Japanese and China.  It is one of the greatest b2b platforms and was launched in 1996. With 400, 000 members, it is the best place to be for anyone looking for SME offline trade services and export market. There are more than 4 million offers posted on this website, and it’s a leading platform for business owners all over the world. It is recognized worldwide and a place for anyone looking for opportunities, convenience and cost saving.


Though there are many other brands, the above-highlighted list entails brands that have been prominent in B2B business and provides an excellent opportunity for your business growth and exposure.

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